Commuting is a no-man’s land between home and work, and back again. It can vary from being only a few minutes a day for some, as they navigate their way to the home office, to several hours for others, as they sacrifice time in their day to travel. It can be spent walking, cycling, driving, riding a train or a bus, or even by plane

Commuting can be productive, it can be soulless, it can be lonely, it can be wasted; it is a thoroughly modern phenomenon, with no recourse to scripture or ancient dogma that might shed light on its place in a spiritual life.

Commuting is when I do a lot of my thinking. And sometimes I share those thoughts here.

2 Responses to “about”

  1. Thought you might possibly like this!


    You city voices dying down,
    Eclipse the glare of day!
    As through the falling silences
    Aetherial music plays.

    While evening softens into night
    And stress of day falls still,
    Let each pent mind in peace unwind,
    At rest within God’s Will.

    Then let the gaze of anxious hearts
    Transpierce the stressless night,
    And in what’s dark to darker eyes
    Make out a Gospel light!

    God guard each footfall, homeward bound,
    Each homebound car & train;
    God guide our hearts to that true home
    You did not build in vain!

    So rooftop shadows dying down,
    Eclipse the glare of day!
    As through the falling silences
    This Gospel music plays.

  2. This is my first ‘commute’ to your blog. I love the premise of the site. We’re involved with ‘Walking Church’, pondering life at 3mph. I’m intrigued by the rhythm of commuting and how that relates to journey and/or walking pace. For a portion of every commute, commuters are walkers – for however short a journey. That’s a though for further reflection or maybe even some meditative resources. I have plenty about ‘Walking Church’ over at ‘radref’. I would be it interesting to compare notes.


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