reLentless commuting: Day 12


I went to a piss up in a brewery on Friday night. I love beer.


The hosts got me on camera toasting the evening with a glass of 0% finest. That made up in tiny part for having to forego Kent’s amber gold.

It also gave me a chance to think about temptation.

Jesus spent his 40 days in the desert, far from people or things or breweries.  He faced up to 3 temptations and won. The devil on his shoulder is allegorical: representing the internal battle between will and willpower.

But Jesus too is allegorical. When tempted to use his magic powers to turn stones into bread, he responds with spiritual wisdom rather than considered thought. His temptations are beyond anything we earthly creatures experience.

Jesus is alone during his temptation. He isn’t burdened with the messy risks of his choices affecting the people he loves.

The story of Jesus’ temptation doesn’t teach us all that much about how to face those in our life. It, like the oft-quoted passage about love in 1 Corinthians, is not something we are expected to aspire to. It teaches us of God’s plans for us, of his love for us but it does not guide us through our own internal battles.

Taking 40 days out each year to consider those battles though, that’s hands-on experience.


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