reLentless commuting: Day 5


dark-portrait-of-a-female-jesus-iii-ramon-martinezI attended the service at St Luke’s Holloway this morning. It’s not the first time I’ve visited St Luke’s during Lent and it’s a very welcoming place.

The vicar, Dave Tomlinson, did a wonderful talk on the subject of inspiration. It was he who brought David Whyte’s beautiful poem to my attention.

The liturgy at St Luke’s is an interesting mix of traditional, even high church at points, and non-traditional.

In the service is the line:

“Let us seek forgiveness for all we have failed
to be and do as those who love God and her world”

It’s a lovely thing to say, to be able to say. God as a woman is a very different God to the one I grew up with.

There are many many discussions and blogs and biblical scholarship out there that has explored the gender of God in detail, so I won’t even try in a single blog post. I will however point you towards Rachel Held Evans’ post from 2014 where she defended an accusation of heresy for describing God as She. Less than a year ago this was; I thought heretics had been left behind in the twentieth century, along with typing pools and mini discs.

During communion they offered a non-alcoholic option, for which I was grateful. I had a few moments considering the churchy-ness of drinking wine rather than fruit juice but realised I was already having to argue too hard in favour. Better to enjoy communion than excuse it.


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