reLentless commuting: Day 1

Wearing my lenten ashes home on the tube

Wearing my lenten ashes home on the tubeWhen you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show others they are fasting.
Matthew 6:16

It’s Lent 2015. And it’s high time I observed it.

This year I am both giving up alcohol and taking up blogging once a day. (Hopefully not just having a daily moan about the fact I’ve given up drinking alcohol.)

Today’s blog is inspired by the above passage, read at this evening’s Ash Wednesday service before we all paraded out of the church with ashes adorning our faces. To call it disfigurement would do the word a disservice, but I did have to wash it off before my boyfriend felt comfortable kissing me again.

I’m not usually one for high Anglicanism, but I felt it good to begin Lent with prayers, hymns and an absolutely stunning rendition of Miserere by Allegri, where she hit those high notes bang on and with a haunting otherworldly-ness that tingled my spine and made me very glad to be there, despite the granite-like kneeling cushion.

However, I am a cynical tyke and as the priest read from the Gospel I wondered if anyone else had noticed our impending hypocrisy.

Still, no matter. I am compounding my transgression by publicly letting you know that I am fasting, at least in my own small booze-free way.

I’m worried I’m too weak to see the next 40 days through. Stay with me, please.


2 thoughts on “reLentless commuting: Day 1

  1. Great well done, I hope all goes well – I think the high church has so much to offer that is sometime missed.

    We had a great ashing service, I mixed it with the stations of the cross and we even had Roman Catholics turn up. Then in the Lent group, these old or poor unemployed folk agreed that the principle of feet washing was service and one way to help everyone was to smile at them (fact you feel good if folk smile at you) and when we do our shopping to buy one item for the food bank.

    I think though your boyfriend has a point , Cate got a little fed up when I failed to wash it off and we went out. Hey ho

    Hope you manage and I will read your blogs and stay with you .


  2. Anonymous

    I’m with you similarly adorned with ashes and trying for no alcohol. Not doing blogging but trying to read something suitably uplifting!

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