Mourning Bob Crow


“I’m not going to be hanging around for ever. I won’t be one of these people like Lenin in a mausoleum.”
Bob Crow, Feb 2014

Over the last few years, London commuters have probably felt less than enamoured with the late Bob Crow: spear-heading strike action and speaking loudly into Radio 4 microphones at 8am. But he stood up for the rights of his union members, the people who keep our morning commute on track. Regardless of your political leanings, his death at this point in his life and career is a tragedy.

He will be missed. Sorely by some, especially those that love him.

I’ll miss his place in the political debate: the force of nature that seems lacking in many political discussions. And I’ll particularly miss him on those 8am interviews when he made the MPs and interviewers in turn sound almost feeble with their diplomatic round tones and comparative lack of passion for the opposing view.

As someone who works in a sector that pays better than some might expect (‘you mean your charity pays you, you’re not a volunteer?’) I found a kind of comfort in his socialist assertions, while earning good money, and refusal to feel shame in the face of media attention. And as someone who works for a representative organisation I found his passion inspiring. However as someone who uses public transport this wasn’t all felt within a rosy glow of history, he could be a right pain in the arse.

I hope, despite the inherent risks to a happy commute, that they find a worthy successor to his legacy.

Rest in Peace Bob Crow.


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