In control of happiness


‘No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.’
Barbara de Angelis

I had an interesting day at work on Friday, with a conversation taking place that has been going through my mind ever since. Now that it’s Sunday evening, I need to try and manage my thoughts and feelings going into the new working week.

This quote is one I find empowering, but challenging to live out sometimes, mostly because I often forget in the heat of my enthusiasm that other people’s reactions can ultimately affect my happiness.

In hindsight it was in my control not to have said or done that thing, but at the time I didn’t follow through in my mind on the potential consequences. One consequence being that tomorrow morning, on my way into work, I will run the decision that led to this discombobulation through in my head along the journey.

Except that I won’t. Because, as Barbara has reminded me, my happiness is in my control. A wise man told me this evening: “shit happens”. Sure, it was my shit that happened, but until I accept that, and accept any consequences that aren’t under my control, I won’t be able to get happy again.

I can’t control parts of how Monday are going to go, but I can control how I choose to approach them. And I choose the path of least misery. Starting with a nice glass of something served with ice.


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