A return to commuting


Parallel linesIt’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. A long while.

Not for lack of things I have wanted to share. Perhaps because I had only observations and not much in the way of conclusions; that hasn’t changed. However, I have been missing sharing them at all: taking the time to put into words thoughts and feelings that buzz like errant flies against a window.

So for my return commuter theology I chose this picture: something a friend shared on Facebook last year, which feels analogous to how fellow commuters can interact – or not – over a lifetime of commuting. Whether in a car or in a train carriage, many of us do exist in parallel, never touching. Or we might meet briefly, perhaps to give back a scarf left on a seat or share a wry smile over the stranger singing away to a tinny tune. I like the rare occasions though, when parallel lines do meet or when divergent lines have cause to meet again.

Just a thought.


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