Where are our election t-shirts?


About 5 months ago I papped a guy wearing a t-shirt with the slogan “We’re the people we’ve been waiting for”. Turns out the reason it sounded so familiar was now-President Obama had used it in one of his speeches.

Maybe it’s because he’s American and therefore prone to unashamed patriotism in the form of t-shirt slogans or maybe our potential leaders’ soundbites are just too long, but I wonder why there are no slogans being bandied about on fairtrade cotton by English boys.

That said, our election campaigns have only a four week existence – barely enough time for the average Chinese factory to ship out a batch of pre-arranged slogans, let alone anything memorable from the campaign trail.

The daily train carriage is woefully free of below the line electioneering. Just one excitable green party supporter in a sandwich board would make my morning.

I may resort to writing my favourite #leadersdebate tweets on my arms.


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