reLentless Commuting – Day 1


Welcome to Lent. All change here, please. All change.

Day 1. What – in your commute – will you sacrifice or take up?

It`s Lent, which is a time for reflection, for fasting and for preparation ready for the feasting and celebration of Easter. Ash Wednesday seems to have become the traditional day for deciding what you`re going to give up for the next 40 days… chocolate, swearing, alcohol, buying things, facebook among the more popular. Alternatively there`s a chance to try some new habits… regular excercise, healthy eating, carbon-consciousness, daily prayer.

I`m going to use today to think what this reLentless Commuting idea might become. Perhaps it will show over the course of the next few weeks that the world of commuting is so very soul-less that observation of Lent is impossible. Or I might find that there can be a greater purpose in the pursuit of B from A, and back again.

Rather than switch off as I sit on the bus, I will switch on. Day 1.


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