What point are we trying to make?


tshirt theologyYoung man in tshirt on Victoria Line.

I didn’t get his name, but he did let me photograph his tshirt. How amenable and how compliant Americans are.

In a charity tshirt myself, I asked him what his meant. He replied that he had bought it online. There was no context to it, not even an “I thought it seemed cool”. It was a slogan with no future. For him at least.

Me, I thought I was sitting opposite a radical-something. I read into it a new campaign for taking back the power, a new-Christian zionism that I only had to Google – once out of the signal-free tube zone; an empowering of the i-generation in monochrome style (helvetica, of course).

I had high hopes for this chance encounter. I thought that such a provocative and cheesy tshirt slogan had to be the work of an NGO or a QuaNGO or a RiNGO or a charismatic John Doe. Instead it was a $15 online purchase worn by someone without the wit or inclination to let it become something he could ascribe to as a free-willed citizen of the people.

But it did make me wonder whether it matters what the wearer thinks, when people around will always have their own interpretation. Assuming, that is, that they even notice.


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