Nothing that can’t be fixed


I haven’t written for a while because I have recently moved somewhere without a BT line. My landlord – bless him – thought he had it installed. But since he only did the flat up and never actually lived there, he was none the wiser.

How strange, to invest so much time and effort into something that will only return financial benefits. Like someone marrying a person for their money… they may go through the motions of intimacy, but it’s really the lucre that signifies the return.

A water pipe burst a few weeks ago. The street looked like this:
burst pipe

The road was chaos. Diversions and grumbles on the buses. Although I did love the fact I could cross the road every morning and evening without any risk of being knocked over. As my flatmate said, it looked like the carnage you’d expect after Godzilla had burst through the tarmac.

But within 10 days it had become this:
fixed road

It is amazing how much a council can achieve when the alternative affects so many bus routes, commuter journeys and general quality of life. I can’t imagine how much flac the poor traffic guys at Lambeth Borough Council had been taking.

But when the cause and effect is so obvious, it’s easy to fix it. Contractors and foremen with scheduled hours of darkness were able to clear the road and fix the problem.

That’s not good enough though. If a mess as dreadful as this one could be fixed in such a short space of time, why are other issues in the borough so difficult to resolve?


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