Meeting new people (1)


rajStudents Urge for Immediate Permanent Ceasefire in Sri Lanka

Raj was very unassuming as he wandered onto the tube. So unlike the rest of us arrayed in our fashionable finery, which said little more about ourselves than how much we might spend on not looking too plebeian, he walked on to a few worried glances.

He had spent the last few days protesting against British foreign policy in Sri Lanka.

We had only 2 stops for me to attempt to learn his life story. Definitely not long enough. I do know that he’s starting a post-graduate degree in Economics here in London, in part because he doesn’t feel he would have the same educational opportunities back in his home country.

It was liberating going up to the person in the carriage that everyone else is studiously trying to ignore in order to start a conversation.

It was also fascinating to see a protester on the move. Next I want to see a sports’ mascot as they make their way to the place where they stop looking out of place…


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