Make em laugh



(Life is a Laugh by Brian Griffiths at Gloucester Road Tube Station)

You have to smile and you have to find fun, especially in the more mundane aspects of everyday life. I am a smiler… I like to smile and I love to laugh – although I do laugh a little too loudly for polite company.

Today my colleague and I were travelling from Stonebridge Park (way out North London way) on the Bakerloo to Waterloo (him) and Elephant & Castle (me) on my suggestion. We could have gone via Euston, but no. I was adamant. 20 minutes into the journey and we’d only just reached zone 2, my friend was starting to doubt the choice.

I brazenly look at the tube map above us and pronounce that by half past we will be at Oxford Circus… having no clue what I’m talking about.

As we leave Regent’s Park my friend checks his watch and it’s coming up to 5.29… The next 60 seconds were a maelstrom of fear, anticipation, excitement and tension… The second hand hits 12…. And 3 seconds later the train storms into Oxford Circus. A triumphant yelp. Not mine, though.

I like those moments where a spontaneous game breaks out. Years ago ours and another family were travelling up to Scotland. Suddenly on a lonely A road surrounded by fields our cars halt and we spend 15 minutes playing silly games by the embankment. There’s an article coming out in April’s Third Way about games and play, how important they can be to the way people interact, and their potential for churches and communities. And, I guess, commuters!


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