The kindess of strangers (part II)


an underground carriage in Austria - happy graffiti

Last week was a busy busy week with lots of late trains home and early ones into work.

On Wednesday night I had to visit the B&Q in New Malden because they were giving us some free stuff for an event we were running.

Steve, the store’s General Manager at the time, was so helpful – and amused by my ignorance. But the poor boy given the task of running things through as free, so I can then make up the difference, couldn’t work out how to use the system.

Eight pm rapidly pushed to 9, when the store would close. As I was stood waiting for Kleber (for that was his name) to infra-red thingy my purchases again, I began to chat to some of the staff who were also anxiously watching the clock.

One girl, Jade, asked where I lived and how I was getting home. As I described my intention to walk back to the station, wait for train 1 then wait at another station for train 2, her face looked more and more shocked.

She interjected: “No way man, that’s like way too crazy. My Nan gives me a lift home, we can take you to like Tootin or somewhere. That would be way better, right. I’m leavin at 9.”

How kind! Except that Kleber’s still faffing with the wood glue and the minute hand’s on 57…

Steve sends the message: just let her through.

I eventually walked up the road with at least ten pounds of extra swag at about half 10… it would have been nearer midnight had I gone with the original travel plans. Thank you Jade and thank you Steve for helping a stranger.


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