It’s just not cricket…


this is a cricketPietersen is the world’s highest paid cricketer. And yet when the wicket fell at 97 recently he dismissed the failure as part of the way he rolls…

Tonight Andrew Strauss was dismissed for 169.

Strauss is not paid over a million. But when England needed players to step up and show their mettle he held his head high and delivered. It will be interesting to see whether Pietersen can be as impressive.

Our society seems to have lost its way when it comes to worth and value for work and employment. Marx wrote of the value of labour in terms of its worth to society. Labour-power is the potential of what workers can contribute given their skills set and capacity, labour is the activity that produces value.

In the high profile sports like football and cricket, there seems to be no correlation between what workers achieve and what they are paid. In the situation of a player being paid several million for their work not performing on the pitch there is a negative, rather than a surplus value.

The recent furore over bankers’ bonuses has emphasised Marx’s idea that only wage workers of productive sectors of the economy produce value. When a bank has failed its clients and the economy, it makes little sense to reward those working at the bank.

And yet sport does produce economic value – through advertising, sponsorship, ticket sales. Perhaps the people commanding such huge sums in salaries but not delivering in the same proportion should also be taken to task…


One thought on “It’s just not cricket…

  1. mw51

    I like it and I sooooooo agree. There must come a time when players like Pieterson reckon it is just not worth playing for their country or – perish the thought – county – when millions can be earned playing in the back of beyond. Bankers, footballers, film stars are all in the same position. In the end they believe they are something special because money, possessions, adulation tell them so and
    reality (whatever that is ) becomes clouded.

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