The inner workings


It’s a little blurred. The burly men put me off my photo-taking so I tried to snap and walk, nonchalant like.

This is the inside of an escalator. It looks so much menacing I think with its teeth bared. It seems like a crouching beast, tethered until allowed to roam free again.

I don’t remember the first time I used an escalator. I’m sure I was scared though. There’s still that panic that sets in as you reach either top or bottom and it looks poised to roll you flat and suck you in, his mouth waiting patiently as his steel-grooved tongue carries you to your fate.

Anthropomorphising things can make them less threatening, or do the opposite. Even with its innards exposed and vulnerable, I couldn’t see the escalator as anything other than a scary beast.

Is this true of people? So many stories and films have a rhetoric that says once you learn about someone’s past and private nature, once they are vulnerable before you, it is difficult not to empathise or see them in a new light.

Posted by ShoZu


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