Snow commute today


snowy february I had always imagined that if I were to work from home, I would sit on that bench with my laptop, in the sun.

Today the bench looks less comfortable but no less beautiful.

And today I turn my thoughts to what it might be like to commute from your bed to your desk without having to leave your home.

I am so much happier in this room and at this desk. I may not be working as well as I would like (mostly because everything I need, including a connection to the server is at the office) but I feel freer. There are no internal politics, there is no panopticon, there is no one staring over your shoulder.

I’m thinking even the absense of that elusive “team spirit” is worth it.

Perhaps society is moving towards the minimum of human interaction. As in the magnificent film Wall-E, in which humans of the future live in front of a screen, picking and choosing their contacts through google searches and the twitter of pixelated conversation.

Is commuting to be borne with resilience, avoided at any price or a part of modern life that we as a culture have decided to side-line with free papers and mp3s?


One thought on “Snow commute today

  1. kirkradcliff

    Snow joke … form one who does work at home alone, struggling to be creative – working from home simply adds a whole new set of dilemas and issues.

    As you have said, the lack of real human contact is the worst … spend a week infront of a screen, with only the occasional work call to hear a human voice. One quickly becomes stir-crazy.

    I’ve worked in offices and the isolation is different. Self-impossed almost (at times) – a workplace survival thing, much like the headphones and papers on the commute. But you can still head to the kitchen for a brew – or visit the water cooler and have a few snatched seconds or minutes of conversation. Even if you don’t have any real friends in the office – it reminds you your human and that we are hard wired to have communication and community even.

    That’s the real threat of home working – where is my community. The people I email in the US, Canada or OZ. I speak to them more than my next door neighbours.

    Do we actually know how to do community anymore – are we loosing that skill.

    Be encourage to write on – we head and think.

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