Living on the edge


How many other people, when they’re standing on the tube platform, think about jumping? And how strong is their impulse…

I callously make light of the ill consideration by those people whose bodies hit the platform during rush hour. But how do they get to that point? Is it the place they’re going to (work) or where they’re coming from (home) or is it the world they cannot escape (their own skin) that makes that final push across the yellow line?

If I could conduct a poll:

You think about jumping in front of a train (tick the most appropriate):
strongly agree / agree / have no strong feelings either way / disagree / strongly disagree

I wonder what the response would be. And I wonder where God is on those mornings.

The echoing silence amid the crush of people, day after day, can be soul destroying. Is it a trial to be endured or a challenge to be overcome?


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