The worship analogy


I am having a very interesting week work-wise, life-wise and theological thinking-wise (as CC Baxter would put it).

The first two are largely irrelevant – or fundamentally crucial, depending on how you look at it, and more later no doubt – for the purposes of this blog, or at least this post.

Note to self: Get to the point.

I am reading James Alison, Undergoing God, and it is written with the unguarded and verbose enthusiasm of a scholar and priest. It is occasionally heavy going because Allison is a writer committed to full explanations. This is no bad thing, but when the words are small and the carriage is swaying, it is easy to repeat whole paragraphs without realising it.

Today I read his well-formed comparison of Christian worship with Nuremburg. Inspired. And in reading something so startling I instantly felt that need to share it. I looked up with the same starry-eyed expression of wonder at the world that Lata in A Suitable Boy wears, and which draws Kabir to her. Except that I caught no one’s eye and I was acutely aware that my passion-red book with the word “God” so boldly emblazoned on the front cover might not invite the most objective of participants to this particular debate.

But should I have tried? Can theology be tested and suggested in a vaccuum?


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