A slight detour before home


Tonight my flatmate and I are racing to Borders on Oxford Street. I am writing this on the tube (uploading it later, of course) invigorated by the fact that I can flip out and tap voraciously on my macbook. It was a geeky conversation that began the race. And the loser is a rotten egg. It’s on!

Arrived at Borders. Via Tottenham Court Road. Had one of those experiences that challenge your sense of place in the world when I could not find the damn shop. I had been to it several times, I had noted the landmarks. And yet, when it most mattered, when sheer pride and the threat of being a rotten egg was at stake, I couldn’t find it. A swift phone call and admission of defeat later I was in my chain crack den.

Book stores are a dangerous playground. A small hoard gathered in the crook of your arm can amount to a large fortune. I justify each purchase: a gift, a need for personal development, the cover’s kinda cool.

In the wonderful journey of other-self discovery between the shelves I pause awhile at the Self-Help section. I love this section because the back page synopses offer glimpses of a world so much more hopeless than my own. I read “How to have it all without risking it all”, I peruse “How do you date me?”, I ponder “Be your own life coach”, and with every one I am encouraged by how little I feel the need to read on. I enjoy taking a little time out for self-help because it reminds me I’m doing ok. Not great. But ok.

Unfortunately this late at night there are no equivalent independent bookshops that I know of. If anyone does then please tell me. I have challenged long-held friendships with my commitment to the cause of the independent…


One thought on “A slight detour before home

  1. self help books’d be fine if they didn’t cut out the need for relationship. frankly, relationship is where it’s at. it is through relating that we find ourselves and others. yup, in the final analysis it is we who have responsibility for the sorting of ourselves (assuming we have our basic faculties), but what are we without relationship? we are lost, alone and starved. even hermits know where their community is.
    great blog btw… keep going. 🙂

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