A time to wait


The Jubilee Line has been suspended, the bodiless voice told me at London Bridge. I later discovered this wasn’t the case, as my rebellious friend double-backed to discover a virtually empty platform and the trains still running. Knowing the Northern line would be an exercise in scrum tactics I decided to take the bus.

A brief text to my line manager later I settled against the yellow pole and relaxed. A few months ago I was stuck on a bus in heavy traffic waiting to get to an important meeting. At that time I decided I could get more and more pissed off, trapping my frustration and allowing it to build without release. Or I could relax safe in the knowledge that the situation was out of my hands. After all, I work in the environment sector and we should advocate public transport, despite its failings.

So I relax. Insofar as it is possible to relax wedged between a banker and a railing.


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