From the beginning


On those rare days I turn off my iPod and embrace the noisy silence, I am bombarded by the wealth of humanity on my daily commute. Faces show the exertion of restraint, coughs are muffled and tinny overload music frowned at by strangers that don’t want to risk any further confrontation than a sideways glance. But every so often there is a shared moment that hints at the transformative possibilities of this quotidian grind.

So for 6 months I will silence my music to hear the sounds of life. I shall read books that challenge and inspire me in the hours before and after work, rather than wallow in the fictional diversions that are so hard to escape as my stop approaches. I may even risk conversation with my neighbours, in whose company I spend more time than many of my friends. And in all this I will see what can be experienced of God in my commute.


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